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In the wake of the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai in 2019, which affected over 1 million people in Mozambique, we responded swiftly. Since then, an ongoing conflict in Northern Mozambique has displaced 540,000 people. Half of whom are children.
children reached
frontline staff trained

What did Clowns do?

We have been working in Mozambique since 2019. Our skilled team of local artists bring joy and comfort through play to communities in the northern region of the county, where children continue to co-develop and guide the making of our performances.

Our joyful shows draw large crowds. A music-filled parade is a fantastic way to include everyone in our activities. Having stilt walkers also lets everyone know we have arrived!


Our performances model the power of laughter and play in communities that have been robbed of joy. It’s a reminder of every child’s right to play. 

Inspiring and motivating staff to include more play in a variety of humanitarian programmes increases children’s access to laughter, connection and self-expression. Participants overwhelmingly find our training useful. 85% of people who responded to the evaluation said our activities increase children’s attendance and engagement.


“This training is very important, useful and necessary. It’s already having a positive impact. The children are more engaged and want to play more.”

NGO worker and workshop participant

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