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Together, we bring joy.

How to join in.

Whether you are young or old, or somewhere in between, everyone gets to play.

Fundraise for us.

Fundraise through a sponsored event or charity function. Organise a cake sale or take on a challenge with your friends. Whatever you do, your fundraising will bring joy to children in crisis. 

Let us know what you’re up to and we’ll help you have some serious fun!

Two men who have run the Royal Parks Half Marathon holding up their medals

Partner with us.

We’re ambitious to reach 1 million more children in crisis in the next 10 years. 

Your support empowers us to reach further, dream bigger, and scale up our model.

Whether supporting your social impact goals, sponsored events or through payroll giving, join our network of passionate and forward-thinking partners who want to make a difference in the lives of children.

A group of young children laughing at a clown

Attend an event.

We make children laugh in the midst of a crisis. But we also attend festivals, host workshops and bring joy to all kinds of places. 

We’re experts in creative interventions for growth, connection and change, using our frontline experience to strengthen resilience in individuals and organisations worldwide.

Participants activity in an NGO Staff workshop for trauma-informed play in crisis settings

Festivals and events

Immerse your audience in a world of wonder and awe. We affirm the radical power of laughter and play through participatory, joyful, engaging performances. Whether for children or adults, our creative artists inspire imagination, curiosity and connection. 

Corporate workshops

Harness the power of play and creativity in your workplace. From short interventions to full-day immersions, we help you meet current challenges, build on your strengths, and develop your teams.

Artist development

Learn how to adapt your practice with our ground-breaking approach. We provide professional training for humanitarian clowning, sharing the key principles of our work and connecting you with a passionate and professional community. 

Get in touch or find out more about an event near you.

We do not ‘teach’. Local teams are experts in their own community. They know their own games and songs. We learn together to find out when and how to apply them to support children the most.

Susu, CWB Facilitator and Artist – Mozambique

Become a clown.

Our artists are experienced, professional performers who take part in training workshops and rehearsals before going into the field. They are highly flexible and collaborative people who can engage a roomful of children or a crowded refugee camp. 

They bring different skills from a range of creative backgrounds including street theatre, circus, facilitation and clowning. But all of them are committed to supporting and protecting the Rights of the Child.

Learn more about our humanitarian clowning courses or watch our artists at work with children who have fled Myanmar.

Two humanitarian clowns performing for children in a refugee camp
Four clowns perform with a hoop for seven children at a centre in Moldova for Ukrainian refugees

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