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Reimagining Humanitarian Relief through Laughter and Play: Our call to partnership

Children watching a Clowns Without Borders UK performance

A strategy for play at the heart of every crisis.

Clowns Without Borders UK wants a world where every child, irrespective of their circumstances, has the freedom to experience joy and the wonders of childhood. This is the heart of what we do.

Our Bold Vision

Our vision is ambitious – a world where every child experiences the transformative power of laughter and play. Over the next 10 years, we want to scale our activities to reach 1 million children. This includes new programmes in the UK, scaling activities across migrant and refugee communities in Europe, post-conflict communities in the Middle East and displaced children within Africa. Powered by a global network of partners dedicated to uplifting young lives, a partnership with Clowns Without Borders UK has the potential to change lives.

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Why Partner With Us?

  • Meaningful Social Impact for Children: Your partnership will directly support our mission to defend every child’s right to play, ensuring they experience the healing power of laughter.
  • Creating Lasting Change: With your help, we can train, engage and inspire local artists to create change in their own communities. When communities take ownership of play-based activities it ensures children have access to play and laughter long into the future
  • Cross-Sector Integration: Our work is integrated across the humanitarian sectors, equipping NGO staff and volunteers with innovative tools to engage children through fun, enriching learning experiences. It’s a win-win approach.
  • Measurable Impact Across the Globe: Since 2014, we’ve touched the lives of over 106,379 children across 20 countries, proving the effectiveness and far-reaching impact of our work.

Through a global network of local artists and partners, we ensure our programs are not only culturally relevant but also sustainable. Our proven track record emphasises the tangible difference we can make to children living really tough lives.

If you share our values, we are eager to explore ways we can work together to increase our impact and defend every child’s right to play.

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