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Children in a circle around an activity leader who is wearing a face mask
Over a million Rohingya people live in overcrowded refugees camps in Bangladesh. Children face inadequate shelter with limited access to healthcare and basic services. During Covid-19 that presented new challenges.
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What did Clowns do?

In 2020, we remotely trained teams of NGO workers to set up playful hygiene awareness activities in refugee camps and the host communities. We shared life-saving messages through stories and simple games. Farhad Bin Alam, a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Coordinator told us, “Previously, our teams conducted traditional hygiene promotion sessions: it was a bit repetitive, always the same messages delivered in the same way and we were losing people’s attention.”.  


Thousands of children received creative, memorable and age-appropriate Covid-19 prevention messages. It successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of remote training and the adaptability of our play-based approach.


“I enjoy this very much. It is because there were a lot of songs and games… I have learned hand washing before eating, after using the latrine, and after coming back home. I learnt using my face mask.”

Farroq – 9 years old

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