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A child and a clown play a hand-clapping game at a centre in Romania for Ukrainian refugees
In 2022, as the Ukraine conflict unfolded, leading to unprecedented migration and upheaval, children were uprooted from their homes and found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, far from the comfort of their usual lives.
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What did Clowns do?

Project Laughter was a carefully crafted programme aimed at supporting children’s emotional well-being amidst conflict and displacement.

It unfolded across Ukraine, Germany, Moldova, Poland, and Romania from September 2022 to November 2023, where we brought together 22 local and international artists from 8 countries.


Our holistic approach included joyful performances and play-based workshops for over 3,000 children. We also led co-creation activities so children could contribute to the creation of our shows. We provided training to 163 professionals, from 17 local organisations, equipping them with skills to continue the legacy of laughter and play in their unique settings. 

Project Laughter’s impact on emotional well-being was profound, with 96% of children interviewed saying they felt an increase in happiness and enjoyment after seeing the shows. Remarkably, 100% of the respondents felt safe during the activities – a crucial aspect considering the backdrop of conflict and displacement. The Project fostered a sense of connectedness, inclusion, and learning, with the children especially enjoying our activities which included dancing, singing, and juggling.


“On the surface day-to-day life can seem almost normal but speaking to parents and caregivers there is an overwhelming sense of relief and happiness to see children giggling in wonder.”

NGO partner – Ukraine, June 2023

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