Clowns Without Borders UK


Three clowns in a transit camp walking away from the camera
Refugee children and their families live in containers in small locked compounds in Hungary’s transit zones. Other than UNHCR, the only charity allowed to access this site was Clowns Without Borders UK.
children and community members reached
staff trained

What did Clowns do?

The Transit Zones lacked children’s activities, exacerbating the monotony of camp life. We provided playful performances and workshops and shared child-centric approaches with UNHCR staff.


Children and their carers had increased access to positive experiences though play, laughter and connection. Feedback from UNHRC staff was overwhelmingly positive and reflected on the need for their own joy when working in such serious contexts.


“Maybe for you this day is a small thing. For us, this is very, very big. Thank you. You have made my children very, very happy.”

Father of 11 children – Tompa Transit Zone

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