Clowns Without Borders UK


A small boy points at two humanitarian clowns perfroming in a refugee camp in Greece in 2016
The conditions in the refugee camps, like Skaramangas Camp, are basic with families being housed in tents, temporary wooden structures or metal sea containers.
children and community members reached
staff trained

What did Clowns do?

Since 2016, we have been spreading laughter and joy among children and families escaping the traumas of war and oppression. Our playful performances and workshops offer
critical moments of respite and connection in the midst of hardship.


More than just entertainment, our performances and workshops create precious moments for rest and healing. When children are allowed to reclaim what it is to be a child – even if just for a moment – they take the first steps towards building resilience in the face of adversity. In these harsh settings, laughter and play let a child know that we see them and care about what happens to them.


“I love this! It’s not just “we are the artists and this is a show”, it is everything you do before and after as well. It’s like one big game with the children and the audience”

Iliaktida staff member – NGO, Staff member

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