Clowns Without Borders UK

Serious Times Call for Serious Play

child watching clowns on a zoom meeting

10-year-old Luca is practicing his silly walk and goes by the name of Sir Clowns-a-lot. He is Clowns Without Borders’ newest recruit and taking part in their live, weekly workshops.

child watching clowns on a zoom meeting

Impact of Lockdown on Children

Luca misses his friends.

“Usually, I’m really active and do something almost every night like BMX or football. I miss those activities but most of all I miss my friends,” he said.

Luca’s life- like nearly every other child in the UK-has been turned upside down. Confined to living at home, children are unable to meet their friends, go outside or go to school. This greatly reduces childrens’ opportunities to play. Amidst these big changes, creating time and space for kids to relax, laugh and be silly is vital. It is a way to support their wellbeing at a difficult time.

“The workshops make me laugh – they take my mind off things.”

Healing Through Laughter

Clowns Without Borders UK wants to remind children (and adults) of the healing power of laughter. Through joyful live, weekly workshops, they encourage children to embrace their inner clowns. It is a way to encourage play.

Clowns Without Borders UK Director, Samantha Holdsworth says,

“It’s important children in the UK feel a sense of normalcy at this time. Children need play and laughter to help them express themselves and interpret what is happening.”

Luca says clowning around has helped him.

“It’s a fun thing to do and there’s lots of using your imagination. The workshops make me laugh – they take my mind off things. I like how I am allowed to be silly”.

Clowns in My Living Room

Joey Little Legs has worked as a clown with Cirque du Soleil and all around the world. She is now performing from her living room in Peckham, South London. She says,

“In spite of all the restrictions, we’ve found a way again to be ‘without borders’ – and honestly, it’s been wonderful to be able to make a connection with children from my living room. And I get to do all this in my pyjamas – but I wish my dog would stop running off with my props”.

Clown Camp is free to everyone. E-mail to receive details.