Clowns Without Borders UK

Play and Laughter for Children Impacted by the War in Ukraine

A sign of hope. Photo by Edward Morgan.

Clowns Without Borders UK are a child-rights organization that take pride in working alongside children to bring joyous and playful activities for all and to help strengthen the psychosocial development of children. It is paramount that the children of Ukraine experience these shared moments of laughter and play. Millions of Ukrainian children have had their lives become uncertain and unrecognizable, as their families seek safety and refuge away from heavily conflicted zones in their home-country. As such, Clowns Without Borders UK have prepared to scale-up a long-term response for Ukrainian children and families in the surrounding areas of Romania, Poland, Moldova, and Germany, and help provide strategies that can comfort, calm and cheer up children. 

Clowns Without Borders’ recognize and appreciate the healing power of play and laughter that every child deserves. Since 2014, CWB UK has provided emotional relief for children affected by war and trauma. Together with the help of local communities and their partners – Clowns Without Borders Sweden and Plan International – we will engage in joyful performances and trauma-sensitive workshops where Ukrainian children can build resilience and start to resolve their traumatic experiences. Here, an undeniable feature of play is fun, and clowns are experts at promoting this. Positive emotions created by having fun contribute significantly to greater health and well-being and help improve the quality of life for children. Building a child’s confidence and a capacity for them to share ideas and communicate their own perspectives is fundamental to the work of CWB UK. Workshop activities will aim to bring children closer together, to further encourage the participation and engagement of every child. CWB UK eagerly awaits this opportunity, and to meet and spend time with the brave children and families. 

Over twelve months, clowns, artists, and staff will be in Romania, Moldova, Germany, and Poland playing and working with Ukrainian children to support their psychosocial wellbeing. You can support CWB UK’s ambition with a donation today.