Clowns Without Borders UK

Games Against Covid-19

children dancing at a clown event

To help keep children safe and informed about the precaution and prevention measures against the coronavirus global pandemic, Clowns Without Borders UK has been reaching them with joyful awareness raising activities.

children dancing at a clown event

Clowns Without Borders UK worked remotely with Hygiene Professionals in Bangladesh to deliver playful songs and games to share with Rohingya children living in refugee camps. Our Partners, Solidarities International, told us the traditional hygiene promotion session were repetitive. Important messages were delivered in the same way and so it was hard to keep people’s attention. Finding ways to inspire and motivate children at this important time is a priority.

The new approach, based on stories, songs and games works well with children. It stimulates their curiosity and they feel much more involved

Jail Abedin, Hygiene Promotion Supervisor, Solidarities International, Teknaf Refugee Camp

Our friends at Solidarities International asked the experts in play – the children themselves – if the sessions were any good. This is what 9-year-old Farroq told us:

I have enjoyed because there were a lot of songs and games. I learnt handwashing.

Shariat, who is 12 years, agreed. He said “I have enjoyed a lot. The game was making me smile and the story was interesting. I have learned how to wash my hands, what to do after a sneeze…and how to keep safe from distance”.

Over forty team members have been trained in our playful approach reaching nearly ten thousands children.

*Thank you to Solidarities International for the help in creating the post.