Project Happiness – Zimbabwe 2013

With your help, in September 2013 , we worked with Local Zimbabwean arts organisation, CHIPOWA and Clowns Without Borders, South Africa to develop a children’s performance that shared a positive message of tolerance and change.  We had hoped to reach 5,000 instead we managed to make contact with over 13,500 children.  Thank you to all that helped us achieved this amazing feat!

Why Was This Tour Important?

In 2012, UNICEF reported the rights of women and children were at a critical level due to extreme levels of violence.   Many children continue to live in tense and unpredictable political and social circumstances, where human rights are violated on a daily basis.  The worst effected are the poor and those living close to urban centres.

What Did We Do?
Over four days we had a crash course in clowning and created a brilliant children’s show with our new team; two clowns from South Africa, one form the UK and two brilliant performers from Chipowa who were totally new to clowning.  After a lot of dedication, sweat and laughter we created a wonderful performance that we performed 15 times for schools and communities.

Non-violent conflict resolution
To create a performance addressing the Rights of Children and non-violent conflict resolution.

Share with 13,500 children
To share this with 5,ooo vulnerable young people and adults in marginalised communities around Harare.

To create moments of joy
To create moments of laughter, play and joy to some of the most disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.

Development opportunities for Chipowa artists
Provide professional development opportunities to local Zimbabwe artists who will to share these skills with other members of their organisation and other NGOs in Zimbabwe.

Raise the conditions encountered in Harare
Raise the awareness domestically and internationally about conditions encountered in Harare.

Strengthen networks to support further work
Strengthen networks with Clowns Without Borders, South Africa and CHIPAWO in order to support further work.

Creativity, play, humour, joy, peace, compassion and loving
Maintain a spirit of creativity, play, humour, joy, peace, compassion, and loving kindness in all our endeavours.