Hand In Hand Project – Kenya June 2014


Date:  June 2014

Partners: Hand in Hand East Africa, Clowns Without Borders Sweden and South Africa

In Kenya  50 % of the population live below the poverty line.  In rural areas especially, many women have little income, face discrimination and lead lives with limited choices.   Despite these adversities mothers have been coming together to learn, train and satart up their own enterprises with help with Hand in Hand East Africa (HiH EA). Clowns Without Borders were asked to created a performance to share the successes of these remarkable women within their communities and inspire more women to sign up for free training relating to financial empowerment.

The tour was a huge success, we delivered twenty performances that reached over 7,500 women, children and community members and we arbel to recruit more ‘hard to reach’ young mothers onto their programme.

Check out the action here: Clowns Without Borders in Kenya