Your Support Spreads Laughter and Joy to Children and Families Living in Crisis Throughout The World


 Our clowns provide children with valuable respite from the chaos they experience every day.


We have just returned from a ten-day project in Turkey working with Syrian children.  Watch this space for more tours to work with refugee children in September.


Laughter Changes Lives

Right now, there are a billion children who live in areas affected by conflict, war or disaster and when this happens children are often the first group in any population to lose their rights; the right to be a child. Clowns Without Borders  aims to bring this back by creating performances and workshops that encourages children to laugh, play and forget their struggles; to simply be children.



How We Work

We work with professional artists to create performances that promote laughter, play and community cohesion. These performances will ALWAYS be tailored to the specific context in which the beneficiaries live, while local resources and practitioners will be used to ensure the performances are as effective as possible in terms of content and visibility. The creation of our clown shows, will be for audiences of all ages, but especially for children, using physical theatre and clowning.